A Superhero Fable
A new novel by Austin author A. S. Albrecht

After a session with a new patient, Dr. Janet Newman feels certain that her patient is telling the unbelievable truth about being visited sixteen times by a winged creature called Dark Falcon. Dr. Newman, a psychiatrist in the metropolis of Troncol, delves into the secret world of Dark Falcon and discovers that he is both a superhero worshiped by the population, and a malevolent sadist, preying on women. As more facts are unearthed, Janet sets out to put an end to Dark Falcon's reign, freeing the city of his control. The Nineteenth Encounter grabs the reader's attention from the first page as it races toward a dramatic ending.

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What the critics are saying
"... like a stick of dynamite"
"There's a reason why some of these guys wear masks."